Will’s Books

Explore Will’s Books on Technology for Learners for a curated selection of titles focusing on pedagogy and personal growth. These books serve as practical guides, facilitating your ongoing educational and professional success.

100 Questions - A Guide to a Better Life

This book encourages self-discovery through 100 thought-provoking questions.

Musings of a Practical Optimist

An insightful look into positive thinking and its practical applications.

Successful Teaching for Everyone

A comprehensive guide to effective teaching strategies.

Computing & ICT Lessons for the Primary School

Offers practical computing and ICT lesson plans for primary educators.

In Search of Proust - An Illustrative selection from 'In Search of Lost Time' By Marcel Proust

This selection introduces readers to the range, insight and vitality of Proust’s work.

Know Yourself Guidebook

A guide to personal introspection and self-awareness.

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