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Spotlight on: Logic Circuits

Logic circuits are designed to perform specific functions that enable computers to run properly. Every logic circuit is made up of several

Theme Park Spreadsheet Project

Following an introduction to spreadsheets by playing battleships, I have created this theme park project for lower senior students in order to

Osmo iPad apps

Osmo is a unique application and gaming accessory for the iPad.  I recently bought 10 Genius Osmo kits to use at my

Safer Internet Day

At the start of the academic year I make sure to plan several e-safety lessons for students from 7 years and up.


A fun way to start learning about spreadsheets

[accordion] [item title=”Designing a Theme Park Using Spreadsheets”] [embeddoc url=””] [embeddoc url=””] [/item] [/accordion] Spreadsheets are an important part of any ICT


Stick it Where it Counts!

I have written before about assessment of learning, which is carried out for the purpose of grading and reporting.  Research, however, has

Adobe Voice

Last week I was asked by a teaching colleague to put together a presentation for her class about NGOs, as I’d volunteered

The SAMR Model

Dr. Ruben Puentedura has developed what he calls the SAMR model, which provides a framework to show the impact of technology on

Computing assessment

Assessment of Computing

Assessment is any method used to appraise the knowledge, skills or understanding that a student possesses.  By providing constructive feedback to students