5 Best Free Video Editors for Teachers

More and more technology is gaining ground in classrooms. The use of smartphones, tablets and notebooks has created new opportunities for interaction between students and teachers. This is especially important when considering the current scenario of the pandemic and the accelerated expansion of Distance Learning (EaD).

In this context, the use of videos for classes has been fundamental, allowing students to learn more visually and attractively than that provided exclusively by books.

That’s why we’ve listed 5 of the best free video editors for teachers to create professional-quality presentation for their students. Check them out!


Top 5 free video editors for teachers

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is one of the most powerful video editors today, being used even by Hollywood studios. It is developed by Blackmagic Design, a company that specialises in film equipment such as cameras, editing consoles and capture cards.

In its free version, DaVinci Resolve comes with all the necessary tools to create videos of the highest quality, without imposing restrictions on the output format or watermarks. One of the highlights is the interface divided by workflows. The Cut page, for example, allows the manipulation and segmentation of several files simultaneously, with clear instructions even for those who are using the app for the first time.

For teachers, another very interesting point is the support for multi-camera editing. With it, you can record your classes from different angles and synchronise all files quickly, making cuts that help keep students’ attention on the presented content.


Wondershare Filmora

One of the excellent free video editors for teachers is Wondershare Filmora. In a friendly and simple-to-use interface, the user can create projects with professional quality. In Filmora, in addition to basic editing tools, you can find a series of media libraries, ranging from vignettes to customize to visual effects that are easy to apply.

The program also allows recording the computer’s screen and camera simultaneously, ideal for explaining concepts. With a high-resolution chroma-key effect tool, teachers can leverage the background of a recording to project other important information. Despite being a program that in the full version is paid, its free trial version is quite complete, allowing a good variety of effects and special inserts.


FlexClip Video Editor (www.flexclip.com)

Speaking of simpler options, remember FlexClip video editor which allows you to edit movies and videos in a very satisfactory way? You choose the video templates you want to work with and drag them into the editor’s library. Then just place them on the timeline to start bringing your video to life. It is possible to use photos and other media formats, defining the exact duration of each pass.

To make your classes more fun, apply the 3D effects and filters that come with Video Editor. There is a complete library with transitions, animated titles and effects like flames, bubbles, snow, comets, bats and fireworks. Another possibility is the adjustment of colours, with the application of filters similar to those of Instagram, which greatly modify the “climate” of the scenes.

A positive point of the program is that it automatically saves sessions. So you don’t run the risk of losing your edits due to a crash, crash or power outage.


HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is another free and powerful video editor. The app has a very friendly interface for those who are starting to produce videos and is packed with resources and tools that can give a special touch to your video lessons.

If you’ve never edited videos before, you can start with Masterclasses, a series of educational videos that teach you to step by step how to edit videos and apply the most amazing effects. For teachers, the “Zoom and Beyond” class is a full plate: it shows you how to make your classes, meetings, streams and podcasts look even more professional.

Returning to the video editor, in the HitFilm Express interface you will find features such as:

– Built-in voice recording tool, for narrations;

– Full support for 2D and 3D visual compositing;

– More than 410 ready-to-use video effects and presets;

– Unlimited image layers and transitions support.



OpenShot uses free and open source (GPL 3.0), being completely free, and allows you to work with an unlimited number of tracks and layers, which makes editing with multiple files much easier. Speaking of which, just drag the materials into the app so that they appear in the project, without bureaucracy.

When editing, you’ll find options for text, manual animations, ready-made 3D transitions and a series of important effects, such as the option to automatically remove the background. This is perfect for editing lessons and creating a more professional or relaxed environment for your class, depending on the purpose.


In addition to these options we have listed, there are other powerful and highly recommended video editors such as Lightworks and Wondershare Filmora. However, for teachers who don’t have a PC with such robust settings, a tip is to try online video editors such as FlexClip video editor. Despite being a bit more limited, it does all the video processing in the cloud, freeing up your computer resources for other tasks.

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